Food cravings: causes and what your body is trying to tell you

Cravings are how the body meets and communicates its nutrient needs. ⁠The body is causing our brain to become obsessed or consumed with the need, until we seek it out, find it and meet that need.⁠

Does this mean we indulge in every craving or whim? Not necessarily.⁠
But it’s in our best interests to LISTEN.⁠

⁠Because sometimes, we’ve provided our body with such crappy imitations and resources, it doesn’t even know what food to crave to get its need met. So it does the best it can.⁠

👉🏽Salty⁠: Do we need high quality sodium? Our adrenals burn through sodium when we are stressed, fasting, eating low carb, are pregnant and breastfeeding. High quality pink salt or bioavailability multi vitamins is a great place to start.⁠

👉🏽 Refined Breads & Baked Goods⁠: Do we need more carbs? Fruits, roots, fruit juices, squashes, soaked/sprouted grains, etc.?⁠

👉🏽 Sugary Sweets⁠: Are we providing our body with the above? Allowing honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar into the diet?⁠

👉🏽Always Thirsty⁠: ⁠If we drink plenty of water and it doesn’t quench our thirst, we should check in on if we’re getting enough minerals! Broths, coconut water, juices, milk are amazing sources of electrolytes.⁠

👉🏽 Fatty Foods/Fried Foods⁠ : Are we eating high quality saturated fats? Full-fat Dairy, ghee, butter, tallow, coconut oil, high quality olive oil, etc.⁠

👉🏽Acidic: Vinegar or Sour⁠: How’s our stomach acid and digestion? Sometimes cravings for acidic/vinegary things can be a sign our digestion needs work⁠

👉🏽Junk Food⁠: Sometimes our body just needs MORE. More energy, more calories. And sometimes, when its only gotten an energy rich diet through junk, it craves junk. Usually eating enough and paying attention to the above helps with this.⁠

Why bioavailability vitamins: Vitamins can help reduce hunger, cravings and binge eating. Vitamin B complex helps metabolize carbohydrates. Most don’t realize that nutrient deficiencies may be the cause of certain cravings.
Bioavailability means the amount of (a given nutrient) in food, medications, and supplements that are absorbed in the intestines and ultimately available for biological activity in your cells and tissues. Bioavailability has also been referred to as one of the least appreciated and understood factors of nutritional health as it pertains to longevity, morbidity, and overall quality of life.

With respect to dietary supplements, bioavailability is not just the amount or fraction of the nutrient that’s absorbed into the bloodstream, but also how much of it is used by the body or stored for future use. Due to their oral consumption, dietary supplements take longer to enter the bloodstream than a substance administered intravenously.

One of the most important aspects of bioavailability is absorption.

The digestive system uses enzymes and emulsifiers to convert the vitamins and nutrients from your food and supplements into tiny, molecule-sized dispersions, which are then absorbed across your gut lining into the blood. This absorption process can be affected by many factors, including competition of digestion and the addition of other supplements.

Make sure you take a look at how bioavailability vitamins can help you achieve your health goals.

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