You were made for more- stop settling based off your past

God will take a noboby, turn them into somebody, in front of everybody, without consulting anybody…

I doubted my ability to impact people for years. I asked God to place me where I could be used to help thousands.

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Doing exactly what I’m supposed to do with the people I’m meant to be surrounded by.

There is always a spot for you too 😘

Trust me when I say change can be scary but so is staying exactly where you don’t want to be in order to continue staying comfortable being uncomfortable.

I wanted my life to have more meaning, I wanted the dash between the day I was born and the day God called me home to mean something, I wanted to leave an impact and not leave my kids with debt. I wanted them to have memories, moments and a legacy. I needed to change the trajectory and unlearn the mindset and trauma and face my fears.

When I looked at myself I was unhappy I wasn’t satisfied. It wasn’t because of anything other than choices I made because I was allowing history to repeat itself and not only did I deserve more, but so did my kids and do due the legacy of those I love like my granny and grandma.

When you are growing up and they told me I could do anything… I should have believed them, because the only thing I regret about my current life is that I didn’t honor them and myself enough to start betting on myself sooner.

Has anyone ever left an impact on your life that required you to change for the better? If so who?

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