Are you curious about non toxic products and pricing? I was too here’s what I discovered

I know what you’re thinking. Getting Non Toxic products must cost a fortune. But, buying healthier products doesn’t have to be more expensive. We are actually SAVING money now. 🤯 It is important to not be green washed by companies especially those like Seventh generation, Mrs. Meyers and Method because they are still owned by the companies you are running from- same ingredients just different labels.

👇🏽Let’s do a price comparison.👇🏽

Tide: $13.78 for 32 loads

Tide Free and Clear $25.70 for 96 loads 😳

Our Online Store: $17.50 for 96 loads or $15 if you buy the two pack.


Windex 🤮: $3.17 for 1 bottle.

Our Online Store: $5.69 for 6 bottles 😳

Cascade: $10.99 for 40 DishPods

Our Online Store: $10.58 for 44 Pods


Method Shower Cleaner: $3.99 for 1 bottle

Our Online Store: $5.69 for 6 bottles.

Method All Purpose Cleaner: $2.96 for 1 bottle

Our Online Store $5.69 for 6 bottles.

Wood Floor Cleaner: $4.99 for 1 bottle

Our Online Store: $5.69 for 2 bottles.


😳😳And when you realize that the less expensive products are so safe they don’t require child proof caps…. Use no formaldehyde, phthalates or toxic chemicals…

📦 And you can get them shipped to your door for a fraction of what you have been paying for your Amazon Membership annnndddd NO driving all your kids to the store 😅 🛒…

It becomes a no brainer. 💛

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