Minis act of kindness

There is something to be said about kindness, it truly goes a long way. [AD] At the heart of intuitive eating, is the need to accept and respect the needs of your body and accepting yourself just as you are and embracing the journey to get to where you want to be.

Society often pushes us to eat certain foods and in a particular way which isn’t always natural or what our bodies need. We then turn around only to beat ourselves up when we don’t stick to our strict food and eating rules. I don’t want my kids to learn that or struggle with food and become obsessed with those patterns that took me forever to break.

So we ran on over to @foodlion to pick up two boxes of @entenmanns because we want to encourage others to enjoy their food without restrictions and that their are good quality snacks that are good in moderation. Layla will be doing a #miniactofkindness and gifting a box to someone.

Crumb cake and apple pie, uhh yes please! Super convenient individually wrapped snacks that are available nationwide make quick snacks enjoyable when you have four kids all on different schedules. Such a fun high quality snack that I don’t have to feel guilty for allowing them to have because they will remember being able to eat the snacks, guilt free ☺️

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